The day after Thanksgiving! What a great day!

November 25th, 2011

Today we are going to see The Sturgeon pet’s. They are Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. They are very playful and so cute. They are in Haltom City and get weekly baths. We have chemical free shampoo’s that are great for the coat and skin. Then are on our way to see Mackenzie a Pomeranian in Hurst (76054). She loves her spa bath & haircut. The soothing massage during the bath relaxes her! Maybe next time we will try the SKIN AND COAT CONDITIONING/ALOE REMOISTURIZING. I bet she would enjoy that!! Our last appointment of the day is our new customers. Harley is a Great Dane. he gets a good spa bath. Hector is a Siberian Husky. He gets a spa bath. Daisy is a Maltese. She gets a spa bath and a haircut to make her all pretty. Hersey is a Cockapopo. He gets a spa bath and haircut to make him handsome! What a great day!

It’s Thanksgiving Day!!

November 24th, 2011

Everyone have a great day!! Make sure you know your pets allergies before you feed them anything today!!

Happy Thanksgiving from everybody at Kristy’s Pampered Paws

Microchipping your pet is important!

September 26th, 2011

Today we are trying to find a home for a little Chihuahua mix. She looks well taken care of, but she was found in a warehouse district so unfortunately we were not able to find the owner. This is exactly why you should microchip your pet. If for whatever reason she or he gets lots, breaks out of the backyard or even gets out of your hands and runs the person finding your pet can take her/him to any vet who can scan the microchip and get a phone number and address. Ask you vet today about microchipping!!!! Thank you from Kristy’s Pampered Paws

January 5th, 2011

Happy New Year! Today we are grooming a Labrador retriever, a German Shepherd, a Bernese Mountain Dog, a Golden Retriever and a Yorkie that live in Mira Vista! What a day! Many of the pets we like to pamper enjoy extra services. Sandy the lab gets her teeth
brushed and Princess the Yorkshire Terrier gets a wonderful massage. We love what we do so much that we can’t even call this a job!

In Fort Worth 76132 today!!

December 30th, 2010

We met a new customer today, “Axle” Andrews in the 76132 area of Fort Worth . He is a beautiful brindle Boxer that really enjoyed his “pawdicure” that came with his deluxe spa package. His mommy says he smelled so good and they couldn’t stop petting him after we left! Call Kristy’s Pampered Paws, the best mobile pet grooming service in all of Tarrant County and get your baby pampered today! (817) 350-PAWS (7297)

It’s Friday we will be in Colleyville 76034 and Grapevine 76051.

December 10th, 2010

Our first appointment was in Colleyville. We saw Hawk Hutson. He’s a 70 pound Golden Retriever. He got a deluxe spa bath that includes nail clipping, ear & eye cleaning and other perks that he loves. He also does get a small haircut. His appointments are about every 9 weeks. He’s a good dog. Our last appointment is Neely Smith. Neely is a long haired cat. His owner likes to keep him either in a mohawk or a lion cut. This time we did a lion cut. It was a short day but a great day!!! Happy Weekend!!

Kristy’s Pampered Paws
817-350-PAWS (7297)

What a busy Thursday in 76107

December 9th, 2010

We will be at our first appointment by 8 am. It’s a busy day today. Our first appointment will be 4 Dachshund’s and 2 large mixed breeds. They all get a deluxe spa bath every other Thursday to keep their coats shiny and clean. The Dachshund’s are inside dogs but the mixed large dogs are outside. They will get Frontline Plus to keep tics and fleas away. Each dose last up to 30 days. What a fun appointment. They all cooperate so it only takes about 2 to 3 hours. Then off to see Tucker, a Golden Retriever. He also gets a deluxe spa bath every other Thursday. He runs on acres so he gets really dirty. He’s a good pet. Then off to the Benbrook (76126) area. We will see Bitzy. She is a Lab/Cocker mix. she also gets a bath every other week and Frontline once a month. Then off to see Snowball!! She is a beautiful white Lhasa Apso. Every month she gets a deluxe spa bath, a brushout and a combout. She has beautiful long white hair and needs to be detangled. Her mom keeps her brushed out pretty good. Well this sums up the day. Thanks for reading.

Kristy’s Pampered Paws

Today we will be in Fort Worth 76107 and Everman 76140

December 1st, 2010

Today we are on our way to see Shane, a Cavalier King Charles. His appointments are every 3 weeks and he is due for a bath and haircut. He’s a good pet. Then we will be seeing Harley, a Golden Retriever and Belle a Yellow Lab. They always get a good deluxe spa bath and The Furminator. The Furminator is a special comb that helps get rid of shedding up to 90%. They are both really well behaved pets. On our way to see Oscar and Zoe, both are Boxers. Beautiful pets. They get a deluxe spa bath every 5 to 6 weeks. Our last appointment will be Buddy, a 15# Poodle. He will get his bath and lamb cut. He does great through the whole grooming process. He sometimes looks out the window and see’s that he is still home. He’s more comfortable in his own surroundings. What an awesome day!!

Kristy’s Pampered Paws

October 18th, 2010

Today was a great Monday. We groomed Emmit a gorgeous Black Lab. He will get his usually deluxe spa bath and a shave. He is so think and being in Texas he gets too hot with his thick fur. During the cold months we will
Furminate him. The
Furminator is great for de-shedding dogs or cats. It reduces shedding up to 90%. It works great!! Then we saw Hogan a Golden Retriever. He will get a deluxe spa bath and a nice brush out/comb out. He likes to be all clean!! Our last appointment was 2 Westie’s. They get a deluxe spa bath and a brush out/comb out. Sometimes they get mats that we can comb out. We do our best to comb all of the mats out. That was our Monday.

Fort Worth 76107 and 76132!!

October 12th, 2010

Our first appointment is our bi weekly pets Molly, a Labrador Retriever and Whopper a mixed unk breed dog. They will get their normal deluxe spa bath and its time for their Frontline. Then we will see The Tennison clan, Alfie a Wheaton Terrier, Buster an Australian Shepherd and Minnie a Border Collie. They all will receive a deluxe spa bath and Frontline. Our next appointment is Jack a Golden Retriever and Annie a Burmese Mountain Dog. They both will also get a deluxe spa bath and Frontline. They are both really wonderful pets. Our last appointment is Kuzya a Himalayan cat. He gets a deluxe dry spa bath and a comb out. There are two groomers for every appointment so grooming cats isn’t hard at all. What a great day we had!!