Mobile Cat Grooming

Why does my cat need a bath?

Cats may require regular grooming if their fur gets too oily. Their fur can get too oily based on climate conditions and the individual skin of the cat. There are also occasional times when your cat's fur may get excessively dirty due to some mishap that the cat has gotten itself into.

I have a long haired cat that is matted.

Many times, long haired cats have difficulty grooming themselves thoroughly. Over time, this can lead to tangles and mats that can then become painful for your cat and sometimes even cause sores. We can give your cat a stylish haircut to make managing all that fur much easier for them, and leave you with less hairballs all over the house!

My cat hates baths.

Kristy's Pampered Paws is unique because we send TWO groomers to every appointment. Having one groomer hold the cat while the other bathes it makes it much less stressful all the while easier on the groomers also! We also offer a fantastic WATERLESS grooming that gets kitty as clean as a whistle, without the stress of water or blow drying.

My cat sheds like crazy!

Check out our page on our de-shedding treatment. Cats really enjoy the furminator. Studies have shown that a good de-shedding treatment can improve your cat's quality of life by dramatically reducing the amount of fur your cat ingests, thereby reducing hairball coughing.

What kind of haircuts do you do on cats?

We can do complete shave-downs, lion cuts, Mohawks and pretty much anything you can think of. We don't mind getting creative, as long as your kitty doesn't mind either. Check out some of our past cat clips

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