Grooming Services by Kristy's Pampered Paws

Deluxe spa treatment

Includes nail trim, ears & eyes cleaned, heated hydrobath, soothing massage, hand dry, (no cage dryers) thorough brushing, cologne/perfume, bandana, ribbon or bow, yummy treat & a doggy breath mint! We also offer a wide variety of all natural shampoos to choose from!


Have your pet treated to the works with the finishing touch of a sanitary trim to help eliminate messes & discomfort. Having excess fur between their paw pads can be uncomfortable and attract stickers and burrs.  (Think of walking with pebbles in your shoes.) Maintain cleanliness by trimming the fur on their belly, bottom and back legs.

Furminator De-Shedding Treatment

Sick of fur all over your couches, beds, clothes and furniture? Try the furminator! Our special de-shedding tool removes the undercoat and reduces shedding by up to 80%!!!

Teeth brushing

Has your pet’s breath been a bit hard to bear? Or are you concerned with dental hygiene? Studies have shown that dental disease can cause severe health problems for our beloved pets. Give your pet the gift of clean healthy teeth that can last them a lifetime!

Re-moisturizing Skin & Coat Aloe Treatment

Does your pet have dry skin? Been scratching or biting at itself? Try the new remoisturizing  aloe treatment! Rejuvenating and extreme deep moisturizing! Great for allergy problems or just an extra special treat to pamper your extra special pet!

Pampered Paws Haircut

Want your pet to look his best? Give him a stylish breed clip or a cute  teddy bear cut. Maybe a nice cool buzz cut for this Texas heat? Whatever your desire, we can take care of all that fur in a jiffy!

Pawdicure/Nail Painting

Nothing is more adorable than having your pet’s nails painted! Certainly not just for the frou frou pets, I have many avid sports fans that get their pets nails painted accordingly. Cowboys blue & silver, burnt orange and white for UT, purple & silver for TCU, even red white & blue to show their patriotic side!

Flea Treatment – Frontline Plus

Stop fleas before they invade your pet and your home! Our flea treatment provides protection from ticks, fleas and their eggs for 30 days! Guaranteed to kill 100% of the fleas within 18 hours.

Flea Dip

We can bathe your pet in all natural flea and tick shampoo to rid him of all those pests without irritating his skin. Unlike Frontline, which can take up to 18 hours, our flea dips kill 100% of fleas and ticks immediately. Supplement this with an application of Frontline, and you have a flea & tick free pet immediately, and guaranteed protection for a full 30 days!

Waterless Groom

Want to get your cat extra clean, but know he hates water? Try our waterless grooming! Gets your pet just as clean as a traditional wet bath, but with no added stress to kitty!

Kristy’s Pampered Paws is here to serve you and your beloved pet with the extra special care and attention you deserve! If there are any services not listed that you may be interested in, just ask! Our willingness to go the extra 10 miles is what sets us apart from the crowd. Not sure which services are right for your pet? We can answer many questions and recommend the best products and services for you. We are here to cater to the special breed of people like you that care for their pets like a member of their own family!

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