Clipping your pet's nails can be a tricky task. If they are cut too short, you will cut the quick and cause them to bleed and it can be painful. If they are not clipped short enough on a regular basis, they can grow too long causing your pet to experience pain and discomfort while walking or standing. Kristy's Pampered Paws Mobile Pet Grooming has experienced groomers who know exactly how to trim your pet's nails safely and comfortably.

We offer "pawdicures" for dogs who like extra pampering. Our pawdicure includes trimming/clipping the nails with conventional nail clippers and filing your dogs nails short and round with a hand-held dremmel. This can benefit both you and your dog. Dremmeling the nails allows us to trim the nail as short as possible without cutting the quick. When the nail is filed to the quick without cutting it, the exposed portion of the quick eventually recedes with regular walking so that the nail may be trimmed even shorter the next time they get a pawdicure. Over time, this can help with dogs whose quicks have grown so long that the nails can barely be trimmed.

Not only does dremmeling the nails allow us to get them as short as possible, it also takes off the sharp edges that can scratch you. Having a regular pawdicure is as good for your pet as you!

Our DELUXE Pawdicure includes the above mentioned filing but also includes one of 2 options - a soothing Aloe based foot cream to make your pet's paw pads feel great or nail painting the color of your choice! (Please let us know in advance when booking your appointment so that we may have the color you desire in stock) Nothing is more adorable than having your pet's nails painted! Certainly not just for the frou frou pets, I have many avid sports fans that get their pets nails painted accordingly. Cowboys blue & silver, burnt orange and white for UT, purple & silver for TCU, even red white & blue to show their patriotic side!

Made in Fort Worth(2009)